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The Poetry Of Healing: PAIN TO PEACE

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Eckharte Tolle, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra and Louise Hay, "The Poetry Of Healing: Pain To Peace" is as much a journey of spiritual awakening as it is about overcoming the sadness and anxiety of separation.

Although people easily understand the pain that comes with physical illness and injury, pain caused by injury to one's psyche is often not as easily understood or accepted. 

Following a difficult divorce in 2011, Phil Barlow began a powerful healing process through poetry and song that led him to discover the pathway to a simple and peaceful life:

It’s a journey for the brave

We must allow ourselves to feel

To discover the ultimate truth

It’s deeper than me or you

Finding strength in surrender

Where the mind has lost its reign

On a path to the blissful unknown

In a moment, your life can change…