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Thank-you for joining me. It is a great pleasure to share this creativity with you. Please enjoy the music video’s and I hope to see you at a live show soon.

Through music, performance and poetry I have navigated some turbulent times and celebrated incredible moments! I feel the deepest fulfilment when I see others finding resolve and deep growth through this exchange and I sincerely hope the journey leads you to deep peace like it does me.

It is fascinating how effortlessly life unfolds when we surrender to the unknown. A rather scary concept for the mind, which tends to want to plan everything and feel in control. That mind led me to a reality that caused me a lot of pain. I now see the gift in it, for it has led me to a place of deep trust. Trusting in life, surrendering to all that exists in this moment and allowing universal energy to create through me and out into the world.

We are all co-creators of our world, a wonderful gift once we learn to give with our truest hearts.


The music and poetry I share are simply the outward expressions of this continually evolving and expanding mystery called life. It is my hope that in opening my heart to the world and sharing my most true and authentic self, that others are inspired to do the same.