Thank-you for being here.

It is a great pleasure to share this creativity with you! I sincerely hope it helps you on your journey to true evolution.

Full expression, an open heart, passionate living…it’s a wonderful feeling.

We have connected at an exciting time! I am happy to be releasing my third studio album “True Evolution” in early November and have some great launch shows ahead!



A house concert is a perfect way to bring friends and community closer together in a comfortable space. Through this unique, intimate style of show, I am able to delve deeper into the musical journey of growth, expansion and joy.

Sharing in this way, I like to bring people into their heart and create an atmosphere of openness and comfort that makes it easy to truly connect.


I am now sharing in a very open, transparent way…

If you would like to receive all my freshly written songs, poems, live video’s AS THEY ARE CREATED, as well as unreleased content, please join my new Patreon Page.

This is an exchange where I share consistent content to bring people closer to the moment of creation and foster true growth, in return I receive a small monthly donation that helps me to produce and release new music as an independent artist.

I am deeply grateful for the support.

Thank you!