Living a life of simplicity in his mobile home, singing soulful songs with insightful lyrics and publishing poems for deep healing, Phil Barlow is inspiring both strength and vulnerability as he shares his most authentic self.

Having previously released two full-length albums “Phoenix Rising” and “The Awakening” along with some 300 shows as the wild and liberated frontman of "Phil Barlow and The Wolf", it has been a colourful journey of growth and change that has seen Phil transition from performing high energy shows on festival stages, to more intimate and captivating performances. 

Shortly following the change in musical direction, Phil landed firmly on the cover of Blank GC magazine with a 30-date solo tour including NZ and a performance at Bleach Festival for the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

In August 2018, Phil released the first single in this new musical direction “In My Heart”, which was premiered by Triple J ‘Roots n’ All’ and celebrated by a strong and loyal grassroots following at launch shows on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

As a seasoned performer with a musical style that crosses many genre’s from Soul to Folk, Blues, Rock and Roots, Phil’s live solo show is dynamic and engaging yet still simple. With deep healing lyrics, a powerful stage presence and an authentic delivery his new music is being met with open arms.

Literally, Phil has been invited into peoples houses with new and existing fans happy to host house concerts! Following strong radio support and a warm reception at house concerts behind his second single “Waiting For You” (January 2019), Phil was receiving strong demand for his intimate and engaging style of show.

This led to a 3 month, autumn house concert tour along the East Coast sharing his latest uplifting roots track “Sweet Sunrise” with 15 house concerts between the Sunshine Coast and Melbourne, giving fans another glimpse into the upcoming album “True Evolution”.

This tour also saw Phil sharing his first book “The Poetry Of Healing: Pain To Peace” which was published by Balboa Press in July 2018. Following 21 days in solitude, Phil came away with deep insights that have changed him as a person, and it would seem, have led him to be a more insightful creator.

Recognising a need to get new material to people as it is created, he is now sharing all new songs, poems and video’s instantly with fans via his Patreon Page. This very open exchange is fostering a close, connected community and is helping him to expand as an independent artist.

Phil is soon to release his third studio album “True Evolution” in November supported by album launches of the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.